1. Lower room temperature

Our body temperature changes as we fall asleep. It is important to get into a comfortable state so that our brain can send the right signal to our body that it is time to get to bed.
Lowering your room temperature could be a good way in falling asleep. Lower body temperature will help us to fall asleep quicker and sleep soundly. Well, we can see that happening often in Bears during their hibernation season, don’t we?

2. Avoid electronic devices before sleep

We hear this a lot. Blue lights from electronics does disrupt our sleep patterns greatly. With the current modern society, it is hard to avoid these electronics. Definitely, we are not asking you not to use electronics 3 hours before your sleep, but limit as much as possible. Even if you must use your electronics devices or mobile phones before you sleep, try switching it to night mode instead. That could probably help to ease off the effect by a little.

3. Get into a Sleep Habit

It takes an average 21 days to form a habit and almost immediate to break it. Practicing good sleeping habit will help you to sleep at a regular time and sleep better at night. Wake up early and sleep early will condition your mind and body to sleep well. So why not start practicing good sleeping habits today?

4. Practice Mediation for sleeping

Mediation trains your mind and body to relax. Not only it might help you with your daily routine, it does help in allowing your mind to drift off in a soft and gentle manner, which calm your mind down.

5. Do not look at your clock

This is one big common mistake that most people made when they have difficulty sleeping. They tend to look at the clock and noticed that how long they have been in their bed trying to fall asleep. It is a huge pitfall as doing so will cause you to sub-consciously feel stress for not able to fall asleep. So, remove the clock(s) in your room. Leave your mobile phone fall away from you too.

6. Avoid taking naps

Afternoon naps are seductive. No matter how early you wake up, try to avoid take naps as much as possible as it disrupts sleep patterns greatly. If you really have to do so, take short naps or power naps instead.

7. Exercise during the daytime

Exercise helps in freshen up your mind and also promote better quality sleep. However, vigorous/intensive exercises late in the day can actually reverse effect too. Exercise moderately and regularly is one the best way to keep healthy and have better quality sleep at night.

8. Listen to relaxing music

We are living in a fast pace society where things happen every second. Our mind is trained to adapt to such living conditions. Hence, it is important to calm our minds by listening to some relaxing music. It can be music for mediation, instrumental music, famous classical music for sleeping, or even popular lullaby. In fact, research has shown that listening to instrumental classical music can help the brain development of newborn babies.

9. Listen to nature sounds

Nothing can be as calming as the sound of nature. It is still the closest to us humankind and also one of the main reasons why Music for Sleeping was created. The sound of nature can be so soothing and yet at the same time mesmerizing to our ears. Be it the sound of raindrops, thunder, calming waves, or birds chirping, you can mix these calming ambient nature sounds based on your own preference to suit your mood.

10. Avoid drink caffeinated drinks

Well, we know that it is important to avoid coffee, but do you know that beverages like Teas and Coca Cola contain caffeine too? Don’t be surprised if you can’t fall asleep after a cup of hot tea after your dinner as they can contain as much as half of the amount of caffeine in a regular cup of coffee. As for Coca Cola’s caffeine, it is approximately 34-46mg for a 12oz can, which is 20-30% of a regular coffee. That still a lot of caffeine!

11. Avoid drinking alcoholic drinks

While it is true that having a small little sip before your bedtime helps you with your sleeping, but drinking excessively can have a totally different effect on you. Not only you will not get quality sleep, you might end up waking up in the wee hours instead. Drink moderately!

12. Read a book

We know the power of books during our education days. Not only it gives us the power of knowledge but also the power of sleep if the content is too dry or not to your interest. The same logic goes behind reading a book before you sleep. However, do not that avoid reading thrilling or books that might cause you to skip a heartbeat. The reading a book will help you to sleep but that depends on what type of books are you reading.

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